There are, arguably, three types of people that read these blogs.


  1. Kinda reads the blogs occasionally. Not averse to what’s mentioned within. But, doesn’t really do anything with the content. Get no results.


  1. Reads the blogs regularly. Likes most of the ideas. Means to do something with them. Doesn’t actually ‘pull the trigger’ on many of them. Maybe changes breakfasts and snacks, but that’s about it. Gets some degree of results.


  1. Reads all the blogs. Actions the suggestions whether they ‘like’ them or not. Gets amazing results.


One of the fascinations of our job is seeing which people do which.


And learning how to tweak things to get as many as people as possible to move from Number 1 to 2 onto 3.


There’s very little correlation to the things you might think of.


‘Being busy’ and a ‘lack of time’ is nearly always the main reason people give for not being a ‘Number 3’.


But we have plenty of mega busy people with businesses, challenging jobs, kids, etc who manage to ‘Do a 3’.


And plenty of people with fairly minimal time commitments who are stuck in ‘1’.


Same with money too.


Not much correlation there either.




What we have found are some of the main differences as to which someone does are;


A) Their trust that what we say will work.


A combination of their own experience with trying things that didn’t work out for them (for various reasons)………….


And how much they trust our opinions, knowledge, etc.


It’s part of the reason we do these daily blogs.


Helps build the old ‘Know, Like & Trust’.


If this sounds like you…….


Then hopefully our track record shows we know what we’re doing and that it will work………


And, take our word for it, if you stick to it, with our help (, you will get there 🙂



B) How much they relate their own actions / in-actions to the result


People who talk about their ‘genes’, other commitments, etc usually don’t do as well.


Those who fully accept that their current health and physique is down to the choices they have made, but realise they need some help to make the ‘right’ choices (, nearly always do better.



C) How much they see the ‘challenges’ in their way as obstacles to overcome, rather than insurmountable reasons it can’t be done.


You usually see the penny ‘drop’.


Often when someone meets or hears about someone like them……..


Who has the same, or more, time and money commitments………


Work, kids, family, etc…….


But is still doing what needs to be done to get where they want to be.


We all have things that can get in the way.


Some more than others, sure.


And these things vary throughout months, years and decades.


But those who search for ways round them always get the best results.



 D) How deep someone gets with their ‘why’


People who vaguely want to ‘lose weight’ rarely get the best results.


Those who have very specific, concrete reasons for doing so and have got ‘deep’ into what that means for them, always do best.


Mine is to do with death / longevity and being an active and able father to my children.


Nothing will ever taste better than being a good dad and being there for them as long as possible.



And of these holding you back?


Not reading and actioning the blogs as much as you could?


Why wait till after Christmas?


Get cracking on working on some of these now………..



Much love,


Jon ‘Why’ Hall and Matt ‘Obstacle Course’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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