In 1676 Sir Issac Newton wrote in a letter to Robert Hooke:


“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”


Tis the same Hooke of Hooke’s Law in anyone else remembers G.C.S.E. (or O-Level) Physics.


He was describing how his work was so ground breaking because it built on the work of previous scientific greats.


He’d learned from what they’d done rather than starting from scratch.


Imagine if every scientist had to work everything out for themselves.


We’d still be chatting on the old tin can phone.


If that!


Success in any field comes by learning what others have already learned then applying it to your own situation.


And maybe progressing it.


But we’d be foolish to try and learn every lesson ourselves.


We don’t need to make every mistake there is on the way to success.


Tis the same with successful changes to health, weight, etc.


Standing on the shoulders of those who’ve already done it gets you off to a great start.


You’ll always have the well meaning friend / family member / colleague who’s yo-yo’d in weight for decades recommending the latest diet / meal replacement / juice based pyramid scheme.


But the people you want to learn from are those that have achieved their goal.


The more experienced ninja who has been where you are and can tell you how they overcame the challenges you’re facing.


The Nationally recognised (cough** 2014 National Fitness Awards **cough) and devilishly handsome Chief Ninjas 😉


You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself.


You’re not in this by yourself.


Struggling with something?


Ask someone who knows how to overcome that struggle!


Much love,


Jon ‘Did we mention we were short-listed at The National Fitness Awards?’ Hall and Matt’ Top 6′ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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