There’s various memes we see used on Le Book Du Face.


Along the lines of “it’s not how many times you get hit, it’s how many times you hit back”.


Or “Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8”.


Should be “get up 7” shouldn’t it though Gareth 😉


And we agree.


To a point.


Life throws a lot of challenges at us.


And our ability to overcome them is key to getting where we want to be.




Learning to stop getting hit works even better.


If the same things keep happening to us……..


If we keep getting knocked down at the same point……….


If we keep taking the same hits……….


Over and over………


Year after year………


The maybe we should ask questions about what we’re doing?


About the approach we’re taking?


If we keep trying the same things each year.


Rejoining the gym…….


Back to the slimming club……..


On the diet again………


‘Back on it!’


But just yo-yo ing in terms of results.


No real, forward progress.


Then what’s going to be different about this / next time?


Learning from our mistakes is key.


Why didn’t it work last time?


What do you need to address to make it work this time?


Thought processes?


Self limiting beliefs?




Prioritising the wrong things?


Letting other, less important, stuff get in the way?


Only when you address what’s actually stopped you in the past will things actually work.


It’s one of the reason what we do works so well.


Take care of the above and the exercise and healthy eating kinda just happens.


That was never really the problem before.


Not tried us out yet and want to make these changes?



Much love,


Jon ‘Hit Parade’ Hall and Matt ‘Hot 100’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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