As I write this, I’m on a train from Stockport to Sheffield to catch up with Alex, see her Grandma, go to the cinema, pick Izzie up from a wedding, catch up with some old friends and pick the boys up on the way home.


Anyhoo, I’ve just got off the train from Macc to Stockport.


Where if got chatted up.


By a couple of guys.


Good to see I’ve still got it 😉


I used to get a lot of attention from guys in my mid 20s, but it seems to have dried up over the last few years.


The older of the couple was telling me that he’d joined a gym in London, where they lived.


And he was ‘trying’ to go, but it wasn’t really happening.


So I explained that was where he was going wrong.




You see ‘Trying’ is the first step to failing.


When you say you’ll ‘try’ and do something you’re already giving yourself the option that it might not happen.


Whether you’re ‘trying’ to exercise, eat healthily, go to bed earlier, etc.


You’re basically saying it’s not going to happen.


No one ever says “I’m going to try and go to work tomorrow”.


Or “I’m going to try and watch Corrie tonight”.


Or “I’m trying to remember to pick the kids up from school”.


They (and plenty of other things) are just ‘things we do’.


Non-negotiables that just ‘get done’.


So, try approaching the things you’re struggling with in the same way.


“I’m going to try and eat breakfast tomorrow” becomes “I’m going to eat breakfast tomorrow”.


“I’m going to try to go for a workout tomorrow” becomes “I’m going for a workout after work tomorrow”.


And so on.


You get the idea.


Stop ‘trying’.



Much love,


Jon ‘My girlfriend tells me I’m very trying’ Hall and Matt ‘Touchdown’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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