So, I wrote the last blog on the Manchester to Sheffield train.


I’m currently on the Sheffield to Barnsley bus.


And have been driving past some of my old haunts (I lived in Sheffield from 2003 to 2009).


I moved there to become a pro wrestler you see.


I’ve just remembered a conversation I had with one of the young lads at the training school about 10 years ago.


You see I took to the wrestling surprisingly well.


And a little over a year after starting training, I’d kind of leapfrogged the guys who’d been there for years before me, by starting to work full time for All Star Pro Wrestling (the one that was on ITV until 1988).


So I used to get the guys at the school asking for advice.


There was this one lad called Mike.


He’d had a couple of matches under the name ‘Storm Boy’.


A nice lad, but very small.


Maybe 5’4″ and 7 or 8 stone.


He told me one day how badly he wanted to succeed in wrestling and would do whatever it takes.


He asked me what one thing would help him progress in his career.


I advised him to join a gym and pack on as much size as he could.


“I don’t really want to do that” was his reply.


“You don’t really want it badly enough then” was mine.




Now, we’re all for making this journey as easy as possible.


Working smarter, not harder.


Finding your ‘big wins’.


Changing your mindset and habits, so it’s not that constant struggle.


But some of it will be hard work.


Our world is built in away where it is much cheaper and easier to be unhealthy.


I never really like when I see other PTs on Facebook saying they hate “excuses” and people who don’t get results “obviously don’t want it enough”.


I don’t think saying that really helps.


But helping people realise that it often is a choice and getting them to look at what they really want usually makes those decisions.


People often look at their freind, or that person in a magazine who seems to be able to eat and drink a certain way and still look good.


And think “I should be able to do that”.


And they’ll try (and fail) to do that for years on end.


My genetics aren’t good.


If I eat badly and don’t train I soon gain weight.


Used to annoy me that other’s didn’t seem to have the same problem.


But I accepted it a long time ago.


It is one or the other for me.


Cake, biscuits, beer, ice cream, cereal for breakfast, saving money on cheap food and no training OR a body that I like, good energy levels, sleep etc.


Not both.


And I know which one I want more.


Storm Boy never accepted he couldn’t have the career he wanted AND not go to the gym.


It never happened for him.


Don’t make the same mistake.


Much love,


Jon ‘Storm in a teacup’ and Matt ‘Storm Trooper’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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