Stuff people never say on their death bed

Every now and again there’s a new study, or somesuch, on what people say on their deathbeds.

Stuff they wishes they’d done differently.

And they are always pretty much the same.

It’s stuff along the lines of:

Being more true to yourself

Being happier

Being healthier

And so on.

It’s never “I wish I’d eaten more puddings”.

Or “I wish I’d saved a couple of minutes a day by having more convenience food, rather than balanced, healthy meals”.

Or “If only I’d saved a few more pounds by seating crappy food, so I could drive a slightly nicer car”.

You get the idea.

Have a good think about what is truly important to you.

About the sort of things you might regret on your deathbed.

And the choices you need to make will become easier.

Much love,

Jon ‘No regrets’ Hall and Matt ‘Rock DJ’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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