I had a little idea last night while driving home.


I’d spoken to a few ninjas yesterday morning.


About food choices and what not.


They were saying they regular made ‘less good’ choices in certain situations.


And that they usually regretted it after.


And knew they probably would before.


So, that ‘knowing’ clearly isn’t enough.


Maybe something more visual would work better.


A tally is my idea.


I’d be interested to see how / if this helps if you’d be willing to give it a go?


Take a bit of paper and a pen.


Draw a tally – something like ‘Worth it’ and ‘Not worth it’.


Mark off after making a food decision that, perhaps, won’t overall help take you in the direction you’d like to go.


If you regret it, pop down a mark under ‘Not worth it’.


If you don’t, mark under ‘Worth it’.


I’ll be interested to see the impact of all those visual marks under ‘Not worth it’ (which is what I assume will happen for those that choose to do this).


Or maybe the process of having to tally will change the decision in the first place.


We’ll see.


Either way, it will take, literally, seconds (if you haven’t already, check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting to find out more about what we do and how we concentrate on things that give you the most ROI, rather than hours and hours of extra stuff on top of your already busy and challenging lives).


Worth a try, surely?


Give it a go and let me know how you get on?



Much love,


Jon ‘Hally’ Hall and Matt ‘Wally’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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