You may have noticed in the news recently that Tesco management issued their staff with a series of suggestions on how to get in shape as part of a drive to give stores “a more appealing look”.


And the Internet and media were inundated with Tesco employees pointing out that their body fat levels were down to medical conditions.


Before we get into this, we’d like to point out that we’re never criticising people.


Having a go at them.


Remember, I’ve been fat for approximately half my life.


But, we see it as our job to help call people on self limiting beliefs.


Thoughts and opinions that may be holding them back.


We fully accept that different people respond at different paces to what we recommend.


Genetics, medical conditions, medication, previous weight gain and loss and many other factors affect speed of weight loss (and gain).


But, the truth of the matter is, that after over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry:


We have never met a single person who has eaten healthily (by our definition) and trained regularly and properly (by our definition) for a sustained period of time, that isn’t losing weight or is at a healthy weight


Not one.


If someone is gaining weight or not losing it, there will be something within there eating and / or exercise that can be improved.




The problem often lies in the confusion of what is good.


Many people come to us thinking they are doing the right thing.


As, by some definition, they are.


Food marketers, guidelines based on outdated evidence, poor advice from supposed professionals and vested interests have confused them.


Because most other people live their lives the same way, it’s seen as ‘normal’.


Whatever the reason, we can guarantee that if your weight isn’t going in the direction you want, then there’s things you’re doing that could be tweaked.


If you know what they are, it’s a case of looking at why you’re struggling to implement them.


If you don’t, hit reply and run us through your normal eating, drinking and exercise and we’ll have a look 🙂


And if you haven’t checked us out yet, then we have the next Briefing Meeting coming up – check it out at


Much love,


Jon ‘I was eating too much cheap, processed food and too little healthy fats and protein when o was fat’ Hall and Matt ‘Having too many beers with my mates and too many take outs when I got chubby’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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