So, if you were hiding under a rock on Friday night (or aren’t a Facebook user), you may have missed this.


It was the National Fitness Awards down at The Athena in Leicester.


We’d been lucky enough to be nominated by one of our members, Vicky, a few months ago.


And, even more awesomely, we’d been put through the the Final 6 for our category.


Check it out:


Thank you Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym


We’d had the judges visit a month or so ago and they were very impressed, so we were cautiously optimistic.


So 11 of use headed down to the awards to find out how we’d got on.


Should’ve been 12, but Alex, my girlfriend, was proper poorly.


It was an awesome do – 3 course black-tie meal, drinks reception, fantastic venue, great entertainment, etc.


In the end, we were pipped at the post.


But we are super proud to have been recognised as in the Top 6 in the UK.


And, having checked out the location of the other 5, one of our member pointed out ‘Best In The North West’.


And Matt got to meet Ricky Hatton again.


And Pauline got to see that my dancing when inebriated is even worse than when sober 😉


It was a great night 🙂


We had got a little speech prepared.


Just in case.


Wasn’t need either way as winners didn’t do speeches.


But we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people we would’ve done.


Firstly Vicky for nominating us and Pauline for helping her with the nomination process.


Secondly, my mum Sue, for investing in the company when we were struggling to get loans – we would’ve closed two years ago without that help.


All the guys that have ever worked with / for us – without them the hours would have been even more ridiculous and the whole process much less fun 🙂


To all our ninjas, past and present – without you and your awesome, life changing results, we’d just be two guys sat in an old mill building.


And to anyone else who’s played any part in what we’ve done – even if you just read these emails and mention them to your friends.


Thanks again guys 🙂


And here’s to the win next year 😉



Much love,


Jon ‘


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Thank you 🙂 Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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