I got some cool replies to last Friday’s ‘Tapping Out To Cake’ blog.




One particular one I thought I’d share some bits of.


With permission, of course – we ‘d only repeat something we were told with permission and in completer confidence – a few bits of this have been removed so no one can guess who it is from:


“It also reminds me of an incident, many years ago, when I was unhappily married. I’d go to the fridge, take out a big hunk of cheese and eat it – saying “that’ll teach him”. I have no idea why I thought my eating the cheese (and gaining weight, and being miserable) would teach my husband a lesson – very “crooked” thinking. “


“But I have a really clear memory of going to the fridge and thinking those thoughts. It now gives me a lot of satisfaction – years after we split up – that I’m really happy in my life and relatively slim and fit  – and he isn’t. I pity him because he’ll never be happy, and prefers to score points and bring others down around him instead of trying to do stuff that will make his life better.”



The point of this blog is help people question why they’re doing things.


It’s your life and the things you do in it should be the things you need to do to make you happy.


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Making someone else happy or unhappy is pointless if it makes you unhappy.


Not much else to say about that – hope reading that helps some of you question why you’re doing or not doing some things that aren’t making you happy.


And take steps to stop or start them.






Much love,


Jon ‘Makes myself happy’ Hall and Matt ‘Not like that’ Nicholson


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