“That’s not a knife” [“That’s a knife”]

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Anyone who was alive in the 80s (and a fair proportion who weren’t) will recognise that quote.


“That’s not a knife – that’s a knife”


From the film Crocodile Dundee.


When the eponymous Mick Dundee and Linda have a group of “street hoodlums” attempt to mug them.


One is brandishing a small pocket knife.


And Linda suggests that Mick hand over his wallet in response.


He pulls out a considerably larger knife of his own whilst uttering the famous line before slicing the young assailant’s jacket open.


When he only knows the ‘proper’ thing, that doesn’t even register as a version of it.


It’s bit like planning not to do something isn’t a plan.


It kinds ‘looks’ a bit like one, sure.


But when you’ve seen how much more effective the real thing is, not so much anymore.


When you go into the week with a ‘plan’ to “not eat crap” or “not drink till the weekend”……………


It might happen.


But experience has shown us it probably won’t (at least not enough).


But if we plan what we are actually going to eat…………


Or plan some other stuff that brings similar benefits to the drinking (if it’s relaxation, and it usually is, it could be exercise, mediation, yoga, some other thing we enjoy, etc)……….


That’s more likely to happen.


And if we have got as far as setting a plan, could we set a tighter one that is even more likely to happen?


“I’m going to exercise at some point”………..


Is less likely to happen than “I’ve booked my workouts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday at X o clock” isn’t it?


People often don’t plan as they feel it’s restrictive and boring.


When it’s the exact opposite.


It creates freedom and opportunity when we get done the things that lead us to the life we want to live.


If you’re a member and don’t normally set a ‘RISE plan’ for the coming week when you get the reminder tonight at 7pm, maybe take this a gentle nudge to do that and go into the week with an actual plan that we’ll hold you accountable to?



Much love,


Jon ‘I see you’ve played Knifey Spoony before’ Hall

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