Last Monday it was our monthly Coaching Day.

The only day of the month where we don’t run our normal Sessions.

We do assessments throughout the day around normal Sessions times.

Then a mini workout for those that want to do one whilst there.

Whilst we are renowned for our good results………..

Coaching Day is also an opportunity for those who haven’t been making the progress they’d like to take stock and set a plan going forward.

We’d be lying if we said every member make forward progress every month – beware the facilities that put that message out there………

But then never seem to have more than the same few verifiable success stories they trot out repeatedly.

I was chatting to one of our members, Nav, the at Coaching Day.

I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that, after great initial progress, he’s been slowly slipping backwards over recent months.

Not the lose loads, stop and regain all the weight and then some that many have experienced before they start with us.

But not the direction he wants to go in.

Within our conversation a few points came up that I’m going to share with you over the next few days.

Because, as always, I know that if one person expresses something (a struggle, a concern or a question) then there’ll be a 100 who’d read this that might benefit from the response.

If you’ve read these for any length of time, you’ll know that just giving people a list of things to do isn’t our style.

They fundamentally know what to do and to suggest otherwise would be a bit of an insult (although I will cover tomorrow how much we really “know what I need to do”).

Nav is a smart guy.

Yet another list of things that people struggle to fit into their already busy and challenging lives isn’t what they need after probably years of trying that.

What we do is ask better questions.

To lead to answers that serve them better.

Not just the same answers they’ve already got.

When we were discussing what could change, Nav mentioned a few times about the “wrong thing” he was doing.

Grazing whilst working from home.

He’s mentioned it a few times before.

About just stopping doing it (so much, at least).

So I suggested that, maybe, we were focussing on the “wrong wrong thing”.

Maybe the grazing was symptom, not a cause.

Maybe we needed to look a step or five further backwards to change the feeling of needing to graze.

What was going on feelings or emotions wise that we could change earlier on to reduce that need.

Or how readily available grazing options were.

How easy it was to graze.

Changes we could, potentially, make when such change is easier to make.

When we have more time, energy and focus.

If the “wrong thing” is too far “down stream” then we’re probably just left with willpower to make a different choice.

And willpower is a finite resource.

It runs out.


Next time we’re telling ourselves that we’re doing the “wrong thing”…………

Is it worth questioning if we’re looking at the “wrong wrong thing”?

Could we look “up stream” a little?

Make it so that choice is easier to make when that time comes?

Almost a foregone conclusion?

Look at what could be the “right wrong thing” to change?

Much love,

Jon ‘Un’ Hall

P.S. The “rightest thing” you could do for yourself right now is click this link and start to change your life. We won’t promise it’ll always be easy, but we will promise you stand a way better chance and will have way better support here –>


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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