“That’s why they’re not you” [Was my reply]

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There are a couple of independent group training facilities in a few other towns that I sometimes trained at in the pre COVID days.

Not over the last year or so.

All owned by friends in the Fitness Industry and options that sometimes make logistical sense.

In Sheffield or Rotherham when we were staying at the in laws.

Bakewell for when I was spending the day over there between school runs (my two older boys have half the week over that way with their mum and go to school there).

Buxton when I’m driving past at session time and it’s nice for a change.

All a bit different to what we do, but same end of the spectrum – a group session based programme.

I’ve not been to the South Yorkshire or Bakewell ones for over 16 months.

I’ve done a couple of sessions at Buxton for the first time recently.

The other day I was chatting to one of the guys in the session who I’ve trained along side several times in the past.

His entire lower leg was in a large plastic brace.

He’d torn his Achilles tendon.

And so was doing a modified version of the session that involved only exercises for the mid to upper body.

I mentioned that I’d had somewhat similar when I fell off a ladder at work when I was 27 and broke bones in my foot and ankle and strained some ligaments.

And everyone thought I was mad when I was back in the next morning just training upper body.

I asked how long till he was 100%.

“It’s a year till I can jump again” he said.

“My friends all say that, if they were me, they’d have have a year off and ‘enjoy myself’.

“That’s why they’re not you” I replied.

Because from my, experience, the biggest difference between yo-yoing back and forth over the years but not quite getting where we’d like to………….

And getting there and, give or take, maintaining over time………..

Is the way we see ourselves.

Our self image.

The kind of person we consider ourselves to be.

If we consider ourselves to be some who “enjoy my food too much” and that we “really should do some exercise”……….

We’re probably not going to get the body we want.

We can still enjoy our food, of course (I always do)…………

And exercise might never be our favourite thing (it’s not mine)…………

But a change to seeing ourselves as someone who exercises regularly and eats appropriately because of how that ties into what we value………..

And the kind of life we want to live…………..

Can become what enables those things to happen.

We often get the old Have-Do-Be equation the wrong way around.

We think about the thing we want to ‘Have’ (more money, slimmer body, etc)………..

Then look at what we need to ‘Do’ to get those things.

And hope that, by forcing ourselves to do those things, we will start to ‘Be’ that kind of person.

But lasting success usually comes from changing and evolving who we are (or perceive ourselves to be)……….

To start to ‘Be’ the kind of person who just ‘Does’ those things and, in turn, ‘Has’ the benefits.

Much love,

Jon ‘or Jon not’ Hall

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