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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I was on the Quarterly Meet Up for my Coaching Programme a week last Friday.

It was awesome.

Paul, the main guy who runs the programme, had an additional speaker arranged.

A guy called Dax Moy.

At one time Dax was known as the “World’s most expensive Personal Trainer”.

A quick Google shows one of his packages from around the time at 10 grand.

For a week.

Dax is a smart guy.

I went on a number of his seminars and courses in the early part of last decade.

In fact, amazingly, if you google “Dax Moy World’s most expensive Personal Trainer” then the first things that come up are a blog post and podcast of mine.

His talk at the Quarterly was entitled “The 7 “big fat lies” you’ve been told about yourself”.

And it was brilliant.

Much of it tied into the kind of stuff I’ve read and studied over the years (from Dax and elsewhere) and that I’ve covered in these blogs.

But I really liked the concise structure of these 7 “lies”.

So I’m going to use them as the base for the next week’s worth of blogs.

The content will be a mixture of stuff from Dax’s talk and my own learnings over the years.

But full transparency and credit to Dax.

I’ll cover these “lies” one by one starting tomorrow.

And finish with three useful questions you can ask in each situation which may benefit you more.

But here’s some useful context.

Many of the ‘conventional wisdoms’ around making change work best (or only work) when you’re in a good place and things are going well.

They ring true and can help spur us on to further progress.

When you’re not in such a good place?

They can do the opposite.

They can make us worse.

There’s a hierarchy in our brains.

They keep us safe first and foremost.

There’s little in the way of sabre toothed tigers chasing us nowadays.

But we can feel threatened by the challenges of every day life.

Work, business, the kids, other people, the news, the world in general and more.

Only when we feel sufficiently “safe” will we move to the next level.

Seeking and developing meaningful human connections.

And only when that feels sufficient will we move to the third level.

‘Playing’ in creativity and forward thinking.

Making changes to the way we eat.

Trying new recipes.

Getting a workout in.

Trying some new exercises.

Having a go at meditation.


Setting plans for the future and working towards them.

And so on.

Protect – Connect – Project

If we’re already in that ‘Project’ place, those conventional wisdoms about change may ring true and help propel us onwards.

If we’re in a state of ‘threat’ because of what’s happening in our lives?

They’ll probably just make us feel even worse about what’s happening.

I could bang on about this for ages still.

But that’s enough for today.

And, hopefully, has whet your appetite for the next 7 days.

Tomorrow I’ve cover “More positive thinking”.

And why that’s rarely the answer.

And what better questions we could ask.

———– If you’re wanting to know what the answer is for the things you’re struggling with at the moment, it may well be found here –> ————-

Much love,

Jon ‘Wax Red’ Hall


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