The other day we got what I’d say was the most ‘angry’ comment we’ve ever got on any of our Facebook ads.


And that’s saying something.


It went something like “This is f!?&ing disgusting. You should be  f!?&ing ashamed of yourselves. Trying to take f!?&ing advantage of unhappy, overweight people with this  f!?&ing sh!t. People – don’t fall for this sh!t – you can do this for free, you know? You are sick  f!?&s and I hope you  f!?&ing rot.  f!?& you!”


That’s from memory (I deleted it) but it’s pretty much what was said.


A few points need to be made there.


Firstly, I get this person has issues.


Secondly, I didn’t enter the fitness industry and stay in it for 14 years and counting for the money, believe it or not.


Sure, I earn enough to pay the bills, feed the kids and give them a nice enough standard of living.


And if anyone has a problem with that, they are the ones with issues related to money.


But I would have earned A LOT more if I’d used my degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management.


Thirdly, I like to think we’re helping people rather than taking advantage of them.


Fourthly, and most importantly, we know you can do it for free.


We know some people can just go running and ‘watch what they eat’ and do well.


And some people join a budget gym and get results.


About 5% of people research shows.


You ‘can’ do pretty much anything without hiring a specialist to direct and support you.


You can learn languages and musical instruments to a reasonable degree by yourself.


Or using videos on YouTube.


But most don’t.


You can become semi competent at a lot of things without ever spending a penny.


It’s the same as you can walk to London for free.


But a train is a much quicker and more enjoyable way of getting there.


And you’re much more likely to actually make it there.


The people on our programmes aren’t stupid.


They know that, in theory, they can do it for free.


But they are self aware.


They know their limitations.


What they find challenging.


What they benefit from assistance with.


In the same way that we pay professionals to help us with stuff we could be better at.


Whether it’s our own training, business stuff, marketing, etc.


Nearly always the people who make comments like the one at the top aren’t doing all that great themselves.


I nosied at this persons profile and, doing it for free doesn’t seem to have been working for them shall we say.


If you’re already paying us, I hope you feel it’s worth it?


Let us know if not and we’ll sort it 🙂


I appreciate you helping feed my children.


If you’ve not tried us out yet and you’re ready to invest in professional help……….


To accept that doing it for free or on the cheap doesn’t work for you………


As it doesn’t work for 95% of the population………….


Then our no sales, no pressure find-out-more meeting is your next step –



Much love,


Jon ‘Angry young man’ Hall and Matt ‘Singing the song of angry men’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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