Every few days I will receive a message from somebody telling me that something “isn’t working”.

Maybe our app.

Or another app or something else technological that they’re trying to use.

And there’s always two observations I make in the exchanges that follow.

Firstly, as a species, we’re not great at accurately describing our problems.

A message informing me that something “isn’t working” doesn’t let me know what that person was trying to do with it, what section they were in, what they actually tried to do, what then happened or anything else like that.

At most I can just jump on the relevant app or website and see if it is fundamentally working.

Which it nearly always is.

I then have to go back to request more information about what’s happening.

And it’s often the same when describing what’s not happening in other areas of our life.

We’ll describe the problem in no more detail than “I can’t seem to lose weight”.

Or “I’m too busy”.

And there’s not a great deal that anyone can do to help at that point.

Whereas an accurate record of where our calories or time are going gives us something to work on.

A few days of accurate tracking on something like MyFitnessPal.

Or recording a 15 minute log of what we’re doing for a week.

It’s human nature just to point out a problem.

But the more details we can get about what’s actually happening, the more able we, and others, are to solve that problem.

Much love,

Jon ‘Store’ Hall

P.S. I’ll cover tomorrow we I resolve the vast majority of “the app isn’t working” situations.

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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