So, we had our monthly social this Saturday.


As often happens some of the newer ninjas were expressing surprise that we drink.


And we told them the same as we’ll tell you now.


We’re normal people.


Just because we work in the fitness industry doesn’t mean we don’t like ‘normal’ stuff.


Most FitPros drink.


They just hide it from their clients.


To present this ‘professional’ ideal.


But that turns people off.


They can’t relate to them.


They then don’t feel they can work with them or be related to.


And don’t.


There’s a reason ‘The Avengers’ (Marvel superheroes, not Purdy and co) don’t have any none superhero friends.


Can you imagine hanging out with those dudes?


You’d feel pretty crappy about yourself, no?


We want you to find us approachable.


To feel comfortable working with us.


So we present the real us.


Warts and all 😉


It’s why we talk the way we actually talk in these emails.


Why we have ‘banter’ with our ninjas.


Why we occasionally swear.


We’re being us.


If you like it – awesome!


If you don’t – that’s cool too.


Better to realise in an email or at the briefing meeting than after you’ve started working with us.


Secondly, we’re all about maintainable changes.


Neither of us fancy never drinking alcohol ever again.


So we’ve made adjustments to what we drink and when.


G&T for me.


Vodka, lime and soda for Matt.


Big difference to the health and waistline than 10 pints of beer.


Re-evaluating why we drink.


Putting other things in place for relaxation after a stressful day.


Finding other stuff we ‘just like the taste of’.


Keeping the booze to more ‘social’ occasions.


The sort of maintainable, ‘big-win’ changes we recommend to you lovely people.


You can make those changes too, of course.


Re-read the last few lines.


And try some of those adjustments yourself.



Much love,


Jon ‘Was struggling a bit on Sunday morning’ Hall and Matt ‘Been on an awesome course this weekend’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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