In Autumn many species of wild bears will start to eat approximately 10lbs a day of blueberries, grapes and other fruits.


They don’t need to be told to do this.


Instinct just kicks in.


As they know they need to rapidly store body fat to see them through the winter.


And, of course, a very high sugar diet is the best way to force you body to store fat.


Elevates insulin levels it does.


And the reduction in healthy fats and proteins dulls the hormones that help release fat stores.


It’s a shame for the bear that they don’t have access to even better food for fat storage.


A bowl of low fat cereal, jam on toast and some juice would be awesome for that.


A big bowl of pasta with some tomatoe source would chub them up in no time.


Now, we know we’re not bears.


But why is it that every animal in the world that stores fat for the winter does it through a high carb, low fat, low protein diet………


But our recommendations for ‘healthy eating’ are the opposite way round?


And, as a quick note, we’re not saying to avoid berries (or fruit in general).


Berries are great as part of a balanced diet.


One with equal amounts of energy from protein, healthy fats and natural carbs.


The type of diet that allowed us to evolve from monkeys to space travel.


So, if you’re still having cereal, toast, juice, pasta, etc because some food marketer made you think it was good for you…………


Maybe now is the time to change?


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Much love,


Jon ‘Smarter than the average’ Hall and Matt ‘Bear Necessities’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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