I’ve mentioned my Dad before in some of these blogs.


He reads all these emails.


He’s a pretty smart dude.


Has a degree in Physics.


Useful when you’re a farmer 😉


He sent me a cool quote the other day in response to something I mentioned on one of the podcasts.


It read “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today”.


He’s a regular Mr. Miyagi.


Hair’s going that way too 😉




There is never a ‘good time’ to start something.


It’s human nature to put stuff off till after ………


You know – “I’ll do it in the New Year”.


“I need to get the next month at work out of the way”.


“I’ll have more time after the school holidays”.


And so on.


But there’s always stuff going on.


When this next thing is over, something else will replace it.


We all live increasingly complicated and busy lives.


But there’s always space in our life that can be made.


Remember – “one toy in, one toy out”.


There will be something non-essential that can be dropped or reduced to free up time and / or money for the thing you want to do.


If you, or a friend, are wanting to change your life and body in January, then you’re running out of time.


We’re closing applications to the free briefing meetings for our January 28 Day Trial tonight.


And this trial is the last one – it’ll be one in, one out on normal membership rate after that at Macc.


Buxton is another month or so from being full, but we’re a bit fed up of time wasters. So not reduced price trials after January.


So you have 12 hours for you or your friend to take this first step.


Applications can be entered at myrise.co.uk/apply.


We’re using this as an opportunity to ‘draw a line under’ our email list.


If you (or your friend) haven’t already tried us out and you don’t in January when it’s the last reduced price trial, then you never will.


If you’re already applied, but not heard back, don’t worry – we’re working through the applications.



Much love,


Jon ‘Time waits for no man’ Hall and Matt ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ Nicholson


P.S. Got some good stuff for you tomorrow about the crazy guy (if that’s the right term?) on the street corner by Jordangate in Macc and what he can teach us about life.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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