It must be said that online trolls are a good source of ideas for these blogs.

People (who we often don’t know) randomly trying to argue with stuff we put out there.

Because if there are people saying this online, there will be people confusing you with the same sort of talk.

We had a couple of people recently arguing the importance of the calorie model.

Saying it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you burn more energy than you consume.

“If your activity levels stay the same and you eat less calories, you WILL lose weight” one said.

Completely true, of course.

As is pretty much everything anyone says about weight loss.

The problem lies in the first word.


So many ideas surrounding weight loss are based on the idea that you can change one or two things in your life and nothing else will change.

But we all know that everything is intertwined.

Eating less calories of the same sort of food that got you fat will lower you energy levels and mood usually.

Will power might get you through for a while.

And you can force yourself to still keep burning as much energy.

But will lower is a finite resource.

It runs out.

From our experience, you’ll usually either start eating a bit more or doing a bit less after a while.

Doing more exercise will cause you to lose weight IF your food intake stays the same.

But usually the same thing as above will happen.

Anything that involves eating less or doing more will work IF nothing else changes.

But it rarely does.

An effective approach to weight loss should work on the person as a whole.

It should take into account food, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and so on.

And, if done properly, improving each area should make the other areas easier.

Not harder.

And the whole thing should be enjoyable.

Anything that you don’t enjoy will go by the wayside when will power wanes.

If you focus on making yourself healthier and happier, the weight loss will usually come.

The other way round works less well.

Much love,

Jon ‘Healthy Heart, Healthy Ab 3’ Hall and Matt ‘Rocky 33 1/3′ Nicholson


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