We tell ourselves lots of lies.


We all do it.


Ourselves including.


One of the lies we tell ourselves the most is “I have to”.


You know…….


“I have to work long hours”


“Take the kids to school”


“Pay taxes”


“Go shopping today”


“Miss my workout because…….”


“Eat this because………”


And so on.


There’s only one thing we’ll have to do I’m afraid.


And that is die.


Everything else is optional.


Sure, there are consequences to our choices.


Some consequences are so big we don’t even consider it an option.


The consequences of not going to work, taking the kids to school and paying taxes are such that we don’t even consider that we have a choice.


But we do.


And the realisation that everything in life is a choice is an empowering one.


When we realise that the big things are still our choices……..


It becomes so obvious that the little things are too.


Too obvious to ignore.


Stuff stops ‘happening to us’.


More and more we become the maters of our own destiny.


Sometimes we’ll still make the ‘bad’ choices.


But more often, we’ll make better ones 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Pinnochio’ Hall and Matt ‘Pants On Fire’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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