Last week I went to Leisure Industry Week at The N.E.C.


Was a useful day out – got a few ideas, did a bit of networking, etc.


There was a ‘KeyNote’ presentation from the lady who, amongst other things, is behind the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign to get more women into physical activity and sport.


She said lots of interesting things.


On that really struck out though was the market research into why many women don’t do regular exercise.


Give or take, the same things applies to men too.


She put lots of different responses people have given in the research up on the screen.


Then overlaid it with one response that pretty much covered all the others.


“Fear of being judged”.


Whether it be from men, other women, their other halves, colleagues, FitPros / staff, fitter / slimmer members, guys in the free weights area, etc…….




Their concern over how people viewed them and what they were doing………


And what they said about it……..


Was stopping them doing it.


Understandable really.


But it doesn’t need to be that way.


We’ve worked hard to create a welcoming, non-intimidating, non-judgemental atmosphere at RISE.


It’s one of the reason so many people who’ve tried gyms, etc before with little success…….


Achieve great things with us.


They feel comfortable doing it.


And enjoy the process.


If you haven’t checked us out yet, tomorrow is your chance.


The find out more meeting is everyone opportunity to come down and see what we’re all about.


Find out more about the FREE ’20lbs in 8 weeks weight loss challenge’.


And the brand new, free ‘Beach Body’ challenge for those with less than 20lbs to lose.


And decide if they want to apply for a place.


Last chance now, for you or your friend –



Tomorrow we’ll cover what Saturday’s ‘Born Survivor’ event.


And how our lovely ninjas did 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘This Boy Can’ Hall and Matt ‘If anyone can, cannon can’ Nicholson



P.S. That link again –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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