Chatting to one of our ninjas t’other day.


They’d had Big Mac.


“It has protein, fat and carbs in doesn’t it?”


Another ninja had been eating a cooked meat sandwich.


Made from cheap, reformed meat.




In the 1988 ‘classic’ Twins, with Arnold Swazeneger and Danny DeVito, there’s a scene where the doctor that was responsible for their birth through the selective breeding of their parents, explains what happened.


The doctor tells them that all the ‘good stuff’ of their collective genes went into Arnie’s character Julius.


While for Vincent “all the crap that was leftover went into what you see in the mirror every morning”


Harsh on Danny DeVito perhaps.


But makes an interesting analogy.


Fast food burgers and reformed meat are made from all the leftover crap of the good stuff.


Reformed meat is all the remaining¬†bits that can’t be sold, boiled down and squashed together into something resembling actual meat.


Until recently McDonalds were buying meat that had been deemed “unfit for human consumption” and just doing enough to it so it crossed back into being officially sellable.


Part of that process was bleaching it.


Meaning it was only a molecule or two away from being something you’d think twice (or more) about giving to an animal.


Such things may be a little better than some other options.


But they’re not good.


Eating the ‘crap that’s leftover’ isn’t going to get anyone in better shape.


Just a little (real) food for thought.



Much love,


Jon ‘Loved Arnie as a kid’ Hall and Matt ‘More of a Stallone man’ Nicholson


P.S. I enjoyed the beer festival on Friday. Saw over 20 people I knew which is cool seeing as I only moved to Macc two year ago. As predicted I was hungover on Saturday but made sure I still trained and ate healthily, rather than ‘writing the weekend off’


P.P.S. Still taking bookings for the find out more meeting in two weeks –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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