The deferred life plan

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Since lockdown began I’ve noticed a number of similar posts on social media proclaiming what the writer intends to do when lockdown is over.

Lose weight / get fit / drink less / take up a new activity / get on at work / focus on family / start a business and so on.

I completely get how it might not be a great time at the moment for some or all of them.

But, the funny thing is that, in many of those cases, they’ve proclaimed that same thing many times before.

To be done next month / after the holidays / when the kids are back at school / when that project is finished.

When “It’s a better time”.

And, again, I get it.

It’s never a good time.

But knowing that is powerful.

The stars will never align.

They’ll always be some reason not to do it.

It might vary a bit, but they’ll never be some easier time.

When it’s ideal to do.

That ‘deferred life plan’ usually only leads to one place.

Us not doing that thing that’s important to us.

“Tomorrow” never comes.

We can just choose to start now.

Do whatever it is ‘sub optimally’.

As well as we can under the circumstance.

Sometimes we might do more, sometimes less.

But we’ll keep going in the right direction.

It becomes a case of speeding up and slowing down as circumstance dictates.

Not stopping and starting again.

Much love,

Jon “Sun Life Plan” Hall

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