The “fat pill” is one of the most powerful paradigm shifts (see article on Paradigm Shifts for more info) that we use with our members. It has great results in getting people to think differently about some of the foods they are eating and really helps our members at our Group Personal Training Clubs in Buxton, Derbyshire and Macclesfield, Cheshire to lose weight.

Fat pill -

If you would like to have a go at the fat pill challenge, then please read on, but be warned – you may never want to eat some of your favourite fattening foods again.

The fat pill challenge involves you taking a paradigm shift on the way you view fattening foods for a 4 day trial period. If you choose to go back to your old way of viewing things after this time, that is your call, but please try to do this fully for four days.


Every time you are presented with a food you know to be fattening (cake, pastry, potatoes, pasta, bread, heavily processed foods, sugary foods, etc) then I would like you to think of it as a ‘fat pill’. A special pill for making you fat. It tastes exactly the same (just as nice) as whatever you’re thinking of eating. It is just a cheap, convenient, quick or whatever the justification for eating it is. But it is a fat pill. Visual this food being, literally a pill. A fat pill.


However this food it presented to you – it’s in your cupboard / fridge, on the supermarket shelf, on the coffee shop counter, your friend is offering it, your other half has bought it back from the takeout, etc – think of it a fat pill, whatever the situation.


If after you have made this shift in your thought process you still want to eat this thing, then go for it. It’s a free world. But if having visualised it as a fat pill you don’t want it, then think why you would have it (when it would have exactly the same taste and effect on your waistline) if it was a food.


Do this for four days and let us know how you feel about these fattening foods afterwards.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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