Do you know what the four most dangerous words in the English language are?

There’s actually two sets, as far as I’m concerned.

At least in relation to making forward progress on our goals.

Whether that be in our health and fitness or other areas.

I’m going to cover the first set today.

And the other tomorrow.

The first is;

“I already know that”

It’s a common phrase that I hear (or at least variations of it) from people when, in conversation, I cover what they would need to do to achieve the results that they desire.

They already know that they need to be eating in a calorie deficit.

That they would probably benefit from drinking less alcohol and caffeine and more water.

That more sleep would be a good idea.

That more frequent exercise would help.

People know this.

It would be an insult to somebody’s intelligence to suggest otherwise.

My reply when somebody tells me “I already know that” is usually “Of course. But you said that you’ve not been doing it, at least enough to get results”.

From my experience when we’re not doing the basics, the answer is not to put in something even more complicated and challenging.

That’s what much of the fitness industry will do in order to justify paying them.

Not here though.

What we often need to look at is not so much the “what”……..

But the “how” and the “why”?

Giving someone the same set of instructions that they’ve been given before will lead to the same results as it’s led to before.

Working with someone to help them create a plan that they feel is worthwhile but doable……..

That’s their choice……..

That they have buy-in to………

That factors in their other challenges and commitments……..

That has scheduled specifics………

That really finds a “how” to do it that they’re likely to do………

Doesn’t it mean it will definitely happen.

But it makes it much more likely from my experience.

And getting deeper on that “why” makes it even more so.

When we stay surface level with our reasons for doing something, it’s easy to “lose motivation”.

Just “wanting to lose weight” quickly becomes much less tempting than cake and booze.

If we get deep on what these changes really mean to us……..

By, like an annoying child, repeatedly asking ourselves “why?” until we can’t get any further…….

Then our interest in that is more likely to sustain.

Anytime we catch ourselves saying “I already know that”………

We’re concentrating too much on the “what”.

Looking at the “why” and the “how” will make it all much more likely (and heading to and trying out our 4 week programme, with a Money Back Guarantee, will make it even more likely).

Much love,

Jon ‘No Limit Soldier’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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