In Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts.


The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.


It’s the last of the three that really gets through to Scrooge.


Seeing how he would be seen on his deathbed makes him realise the error of his ways.


And he makes changes so that vision of him isn’t the one that will happen.


Looking at how we will be seen and remembered after we’re gone is a powerful way to help us see if we’re on the right track.


Have a think now about how you might be described when you’ve gone.


Is it how you’d like to be described?


I should imagine most of us will have a mixed bag of descriptions.


Some positive, some negative.


I’d wager that the words / expressions including ‘fat’, ‘struggled with his / her weight’, ‘unhappy’, ‘short tempered’, ‘grumpy’, ‘liked a drink’, ‘workaholic’, ‘chocoholic’, etc will have featured in places.


Whatever words are in there, it’s not too late.


All these things can be changed.


It takes work, sure.


But remembering that ‘Ghost Of Christmas Future is powerful way to keep motivated in these changes.


If Ebenezer Scrooge can do it, so can you 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Didn’t realise ‘Ebenezer Goode’ was a song about ecstasy until recently’ Hall and Matt ‘Scrooge McDuck’ Nicholson

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