Saw a great little meme thingy on FaceAche the other day.


It read “The glass is always completely full”.


“Half full of water. Half full of air”.


Loved it!


That air represents opportunity.




Room for something else.


That’s a great way to see life we think.


Whatever the situation, there’s always room for that potential.


According to The Simpsons, the Chinese have the same word for ‘Crisis’ and ‘Opportunity’.


Cris-atunity 😉


Whatever is happening in your life, there’s so much potential there waiting to be explored.


I was chatting to one of our ninjas t’other day.


She’s going through a separation.


She’s undergoing tests for a potential brain tumour.


And for breast cancer.


She’s using the focus this has brought to get herself in shape.


Which we think is shamazeballs! 🙂


Sometimes it takes a big shock to make us start to tap into that potential.


Sometime just a gentle nudge.


Like a little email.


Like this one.


So, take it from us, your glass IS full already.


Just ask yourself what you’re going to replace that air with?


What’s that potential?


Much love,


Jon ‘Secret glasses wearer’ Hall and Matt ’20-20′ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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