We posed a Facebook question in our members group t’other day.


‘The hardest but of working out (and therefore the but I should work hardest at) is……..’


With options of:


A) Turning up


B) The session itself




C) Feeling sore after


Needless to say, most chose A).


And we later asked which part of healthy eating people fell down with the most.


And gave options of:


A) The buying of the foods – I often end up getting too much unhealthy stuff in


B) Prepping / cooking healthier foods is harder than prepping / cooking unhealthy meals


C) Actually eating healthier food is harder


And, of course, got mostly As.


Obvious when it’s written like that.


But one of the things that holds us back is we often focus on the wrong parts of things that we’re struggling with.


We often focus a little too ‘down stream’.


If we can get ourselves to our sessions and make sure the vast majority of the food we buy in is good stuff………..


Then the rest, kinda, automatically happens.


In most cases these are the habits to work on.


The stuff to master.


The stuff to ‘make’ yourself do enough times so that it just becomes a habit.


Wherever you’re struggling though……..


Identify the important first steps……..


That when you take them cause that domino effect to success.


And whatever they are………


Work on them!



Much love,



Jon ‘Up Stream’ Hall and Matt ‘Salmon’ Nicholson


P.S. Don’t forget, that find out more meeting is next Tuesday, for those of you wanting to get in better shape before the ‘party season’ starts – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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