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A final little “lightbulb” moment I got from Tuesday’s in person seminar with the UK’s leading Emotional Eating Coach is what “the hardest part of change” is.

Not doing what you did yesterday.

It’s that first rep.

That’s the hardest one.

Each subsequent one gets, on average, a little easier.

Not massively so rep by rep.

But cumulatively.

Every workout we do makes the next one more likely.

Every workout we miss increases the probability of that happening again.

The same with our food and drink choices.

It may never get as “easy” as we’d, ideally, like.

Scrub that – it definitely won’t get as easy as we’d ideally like.

But knowing that the ‘next one’ is the hardest one is powerful.

The hardest part of change is…………….

Not doing what you did yesterday.

Much love,

Jon ‘All my troubles seemed so far away’ Hall

P.S. Many people have told me that the hardest part of getting started was filling in the form at Some people click it every day for weeks or months before finally taking that step. It gets much easier from then on in. Promise! —>


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