Every day it seems like there is a new weight loss fad.


In the last few months we’ve been overloaded with ‘Body By Vi’ and ‘Juice Plus’.


Both super crap products based on THE cheapest possible protein source (unfermented, non-organic soy) and sold via multi-level marketing systems (meaning 10 or more people will get paid off your purchase, so it’s going to be as cheap to produce, and therefore crap, as possible).


As a society we are in a constant search for the ‘Holy Grail of weight loss’.


Basically, a way we can eat crap food that we’ve been taught to believe is tasty, without gaining weight and being unhealthy.


Like medieval knights searching for a chalice used at the last supper, we’re yearning after a dream that cannot come true.


Accepting that there is no ‘holy grail’, that eating crap food and being slim and healthy don’t go together (for most people) is a huge step.


When people let the ‘good word’ of a healthy lifestyle into their lives, they are often ‘saved’.


Watch out for tomorrow’s email where I’ll tell you about the guy I had my first pro wrestling match against who’s struggled with his weight his entire adult life and how he’s heard the good word and has been saved.



Much love,


Jon “It’s just a flesh wound” Hall



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Jon Hall

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