The other day one of our ninjas tagged us in a post in our Facebook group.




Twas about ‘The Hormone Diet’.


Apparently the ‘latest research’ shows that hormonal levels and balance can affect fat storage.


Not shit Sherlock.


This has been known for decades.


The effect of insulin on fat storage was first linked over 100 years ago.


And we’ve been saying it for years, in case you hadn’t noticed.


Which makes you wonder why the government continue to insist on using the crappy ‘calories in vs. calories out’ model which has brought about record levels of obesity and weight related disease and conditions.


Hormones are the body’s ‘messaging system’.


And the levels and balances of them affects everything that happens within the body.


No hormones are bad – they all have essential functions within the body.


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But their levels and balance can get ‘non optimal’.


Nothing that’s going to kill us, usually.


Not straight away anyway.


The human body works best when it is in what is called ‘homeostasis’.


Where everything is in balance.


And, if things are out of balance, stuff doesn’t happen as well as it should.


Cells don’t communicate as well as they could.


Organs don’t function at 100%.


Fat can be stored more readily.




So, anyway, back to the point.


What can you do about it?


And what does your fat distribution tell you about your hormone balance.


Well, it’s a bit of a simplification, but the following points will steer you in the right direction.



Love handles


You probably have non optimal insulin balance and sensitivity.


If you eat shit loads of carbs and sugar (ie: cereal, porridge, toast, juice, etc for breakfast, sandwich for lunch) then this will be, at least, a big factor.


Remember – we don’t say no carbs (you need them), but you would benefit from changing from the ‘mega high carb diet’ to a ‘balanced diet’ of natural carbs, healthy fats and protein.






Down, in part at least, to cortisol levels.


Check your stress levels, sleep, water and caffeine consumption.


Do what you can do make any or all of these better.





Bingo wings and thighs


You oestrogen – testosterone balance is messed up.


How do we know this?


You’re alive now and live in the UK.


As men, we’ve been losing an average of 1% of our testosterone per year since the Second World War.


Meaning that us dudes have about a third of the testosterone that our grandfathers did.


And our tap water has the highest level of Oestrogen in of any country in the world.


That’s why guys have ‘moobs’ nowadays – they didn’t exist 30 years ago.


What do you need to do to help I hear you cry?


Plenty of good fats (meat, fish, etc), fibrous veg (broccoli, cabbage, etc) are good food wise.


Reducing low intensity exercise (eg: 30 minutes on the treadmill) and increasing interval based work will help exercise wise.


You could also filter your tap water (a good, ostegoen fileter, not a Britta one) and try an Oetegoen detox too if you like.


But, I’d say do the food and exercise bits first.


Hope this helps 🙂





The other week we were out for our social in Manchester.


And I was chatting to John Broom, one of our new ninjas at Macc.


Sup John?


He raised a point about these emails.


And was surprised by my response.


He might not remember this as he was a little bit tipsy 😉


I’ll share with you what we said tomorrow.





Much love,


Jon ‘Fat legs’ Hall and Matt ‘Stress Belly’ Nichsolson


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