We mentioned the other week how some of the way we do things differently are similar to how Donald Trump does things differently.

Approaches, remember, not beliefs, methods, etc.
I thought of a better direct analogy the other day.
We’re probably more like the Leicester City of the Fitness World.
In case you hadn’t noticed, Leicester just won the Premier League.
With a team that cost just £54.4 million.
Beating teams like Man City who spent £418.8 million on their team.
Seeing the average 1:1 personal trainer 3 times a week is your Man Cities, your Arsenals, etc.
Very expensive and pretty good results.
Our programme’s are Leicester City.
Much better value, even better results (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of that).
Your budget gyms, Slimming Clubs, etc are, say, Accrington Stanley.
Total cost of the team a little over £1 million.
But the result speak for themselves.
In most things in life it’s not so much about the cost as such.
It’s about value.
About return on investment.
A 50 grand mansion would seem to be better value than a 10 grand tent.
Even though they are both ‘accommodation’.
Much love,
Jon ‘Derby County’ Hall and Matt ‘Man City’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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