So, today The Queen becomes our longest reigning Monarch in British history.


Great work Queenie 🙂


Tis a great achievement to not only make the age she has, but also to continue a pretty heavy schedule of engagements decades after most have retired.


This landmark has got us thinking.


Our ‘reign’ is going pretty well too.


In an industry where 10,000 new FitPros qualify each year……….


And only 2,000 are still working in fitness a year later……….


Where the average ‘career’ duration is 18 months……..


We’re very happy with how things are going.


Both over a decade in now……….


A successful and thriving business.


3 years old on Monday it was – thanks for pointing that out last week Vicky 🙂


Hundreds of fantastic success stories.


Recognition at a national level.


If we had a pound for every freshly qualified FitPro (and we use word the ‘professional’ very loosely) who’s been ‘inspired’ by (copied) our way of doing things……..


And has, very kindly, contacted our members offering them ‘something different’ (illegally raided our hard built database)……..


And since gone out of business……….


We’d have, well, enough for a night out 🙂


We must be doing something right.


We don’t profess to know everything.


Far from it!


We never stop learning.


And there’s the true legends of our industry that we aspire to be like.


We’re working on it 🙂


But we’re more than happy with our ‘reign’ so far!


If you (or a friend) haven’t come to a find-out-more meeting to learn about the win-win ‘FREE 20lbs in 8 weeks weight loss challenge’ (or just normal membership if you don’t have 20lbs to lose) ……..


Then it’s coming up soon 🙂


Details at



Much love,


Jon ‘The Second’ Hall and Matt ’33 1/3′ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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