I’m sure when we all look back at our younger days……..

We’ll be able to find many examples………
Of people openly displaying the sort of behaviour………
That’s, at the least, frowned upon nowadays.
Racist jokes and attitudes.
In everyday life and on TV.
Have you ever seen any old episodes of things like ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ or ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’?
Women being treated as second class citezans.
Ageist attitudes openly on display.
Plenty of homophobia.
Lots of behaviours ending in ‘ist’ or ‘ic’.
All considered fairly socially acceptable at various points.
I remember friends at school taking the mickey out of me……..
Because I DIDN’T like to tell, or to laugh at, racist jokes.
I was the odd one out (started as I meant to go on)!
Lots of things that, when we look back, we can’t believe we or the generations above us did.
I’ve had the conversation with friends several times where we’ve wondered………
“What do we think or accept now that our kids will be shocked at?”
Maybe something to do with the disabled?
Special needs?
Maybe they’ll cringe at me when I’m older and I use words like ‘disabled’ and ‘special needs’.
I’m not sure, but there’s bound to be a change it societal attitudes to something.
Because attitudes change over time.
Like yours can.
There’s always one consistency with our members that get and maintain the best results long term (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of great and lasting changes to your life and body – new briefing meeting details for the end of the month are up).
Their attitudes have changed.
And they can’t quite believe what they used to think.
Forcing yourself to do something that’s not inline with what you think works for a while.
But it rarely lasts.
Just see the colleague who finally spills over with the racist / sexist / ageist / homophobic comments after a few drinks.
These most successful members remember how they used to think;
That they “needed a treat after a hard day”
That they “deserved it”
That it was work / colleagues / partner / kids / family / illness / injury’s fault.
That is was too expensive / time consuming / difficult / boring / painful / confusing.
That is “wasn’t for them”
And so on.
These attitudes have changed.
And much like many of the societal shifts, these new attitudes serve them better.
We never like to tell people that their opinions are right or wrong.
An opinion is an opinion.
But there are often opinions that will serve you much better.
And recognising that much of what we think IS opinion………
Not fact……..
Is Step 1 to getting those attitudes that will help you more.
Much love,
Jon ‘Bad Attitude’ Hall and Matt ‘Face’ Nicholson
P.S. Easy middle names today. No bonus points 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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