One of the great systems we use to help our ninjas get such great results is our private Facebook group.

It really helps that ‘shared journey’ side of what we do.

It’s always more powerful to hear how ‘normal people’ are facing and overcoming the same challenges that you are.

Than just hearing us tell you, essentially, the same thing.

I’ll cover the whole ‘normal people’ thing tomorrow, by the way.

One our our ninjas Gareth posted a quote in there the other day.

It’s from the ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ film that was in cinemas a few months ago?

It read:

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”.

Tis true.

We tell ourselves stories all the time.

Stories based on our experiences.

Our beliefs.

Our upbringing.

Those around us.

Stories about how we should interpret the information we’re receiving.

How we should cross reference the data coming into our brain with what we already ‘know’.

And how we should act in response.

These stories aren’t neccessarily true though.

They have often been created over time to make us feel better about our actions.

And they then ‘stick’ somewhat.

Stories like “I can’t lose weight / get healthier because:

  • It costs too much


  • I’m too busy


  • Of the kids


  • Of work


  • I have too many commitments


  • It’s boring


  • It’s too hard


  • The gym is out of the way


  • I have no will power


And so on.

All bullshit stories.

None are true.

Sure – these things may make it harder.

But they don’t make it impossible.

Imagine you had a gun to your head.

Or the head of someone close to you.

And the trigger would be pulled if didn’t do the things you’re telling yourself you can’t.

You’d do it wouldn’t you?

Realising that is empowering.

You might decide it’s still not worth it.

But breaking through that ‘bullshit story’ and changing it for a better one is a great step one.

Try changing it to something more like ‘I can do XYZ by watching less TV / spending less on booze / cutting down on candy crush, etc”.

Much love,

Jon ‘Untold Story’ Hall and Matt ‘True Hollywood Story’ Nicholson

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