When people are interested in what we do, I normally arrange a chat on the phone with them.

I’ll cover tomorrow why I don’t just send them all the info on email and an “Join here” link.

If they decide to get involved, I book them in for their first Session, get them set up on the system, send them some more info they need, etc.

Then arrange another quick call before the first Session to make sure they’re good to go.

Then another call after a week.

And so on.

I was speaking to a new member after her first week the other day.

She said the gym she’d just cancelled to come here had been ringing her about re-joining.

“Did they ever call you when you were a member?” I asked.

“No” she replied.

“Just to get you to join then to try and stop you leaving and / or to get you to come back?”

“Yeah. Funny that”.

Standard practice in the Fitness Industry.

There’s a term that’s commonly used – “Waking the dead”.

As in “Don’t contact people who haven’t been for a while as it’ll just remind them they’re paying and they’ll cancel”.

The conventional Gym Model is built on paying but not attending.

15 years ago I managed a Fitness First in Sheffield.

It was 24k a month just to rent the building.

The annual budget was £1 million.

2,500 members paying about £35 a month on average.

Was there any chance whatsoever of fitting those 2,500 in for three workouts a week?

Nowhere near.

And the cheaper the gym (versus the size) the lower attendance is needed to make it work.

That’s why we don’t worry in the slightest when a new, even cheaper gym opens up.

Most of our members haven’t got one with standard gyms before.

Finding them some combination of boring, confusing and intimidating.

On average, the cheaper the gym the greater those three factors are.

At RISE, our programme is built on usage and getting results.

On people loving it and it changing their lives.

If you’re already a member and that’s happening, then awesome stuff – keep up the good work 🙂

If it’s not quite happening, take this as a nudge to get engaged again – if it doesn’t happen here, it’s not going to happen at a normal gym.

If you’re not already a member and have realised how many thousands you’ve wasted over the years on just renting access to gym equipment, and are ready to invest a touch more in actually making those changes this time, then here’s where you find that –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

Much love,

Jon ‘Two minutes Turkish’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

When not helping people to transform their lives and bodies, Jon can usually be found either playing with his kids or taxi-ing them around. If you'd like to find out more about what we do at RISE then enter your details in the box to the right or bottom of this page or at myrise.co.uk - this is the same way every single one of the hundreds who've described this as "one of the best decisions I've ever made" took their first step.