Imagine you and your mate have done something dodgy.


You are arrested and taken to separate questioning rooms.


The police tell you that they know you did it and are assembling proof.


But, more importantly, they are questioning your mate right now as well.


And you will both be offered the same deal.


If neither of you confess you’ll get at least one year as they can definitely convict on a lesser charge.


Admit it and testify against your mate and you’ll be let off and he’ll get ten years.


He does the same to you and it’s the other way round.


You both admit it and you’ll get five years.


So, basically you have two options.


Stay quiet and get either one or ten years.


Admit it and get zero or five.


You have to decide right now as he’s making the same choice this very second.


As I’m sure you’ve guessed, a good amount go for the second option.


It’s a standard police approach.


Known as ‘The prisoner’s dilemma’


It works on a number of levels psychologically.


A big part is that people don’t like to feel like they’re ‘missing out’.


Something that people struggle with on the olde weight loss, health and fitness game.


They don’t want to feel like they’re missing out on certain foods.


Cake, biscuits, chocolate, etc, etc.


Often they don’t want to feel like they’re missing out socially.


Being the odd one out in food choices at work.


Or having less fun by making different choices on nights out.


A huge mental shift that people often take on their journey with us……….


Is that they’re not missing out……..


They are ‘adding in’.


They are adding in more energy.


They are adding in better mood.


They are adding in a body that feels better.


And that they like the look of more.


They are adding in the ability to do more other fun things, outside of going out for a drink or twelve.


And that all these things that have to ‘make room’ are a more than worthwhile swap (check if you like the idea of a worthwhile swap more than restriction and deprivation).


And that many things they though they’d be missing out on, actually become more fun.


The six G&T and sensible food choice night outs actually give them greater pleasure (especially the next day) than the old 10 pint and half the menu ones did.


Add in.


Not miss out.



Much love,


Jon ‘Cell Block H’ all and Matt ‘Prisoner Squat’ Nicholson





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Jon Hall

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