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Every week I have dozens and dozens of conversations with members.

In person and online.

Some really happy with their results.

Some struggling to get where they want to at that point.

Sometimes those guys will say “I just need to believe in myself more”.

Or something similar.

I see memes on Facebook which say “All you need is belief”, “You’ve got this. Believe in yourself”, etc.

My step daughter has a T-Shirt which says “Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It’.

And they all sound great.

“Believing in ourselves” sounds great.

But what if we don’t?

If the order really is “Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It’ then what happens if we don’t really, deep down, believe we can do it?

Do we get stuck?

Still at the Dream stage, not making it to Achieve?

There’s some great news though.

“Belief” is only a ‘Nice to have’.

It might help, but it’s not necessary.

The body and other results respond in exactly the same way to the same processes irrespective of whether belief was present.

Be in a sustained average calorie deficit over time and believe you’ll lose weight?

You’ll lose weight.

Be in a sustained average calorie deficit over time and don’t believe you’ll lose weight?

You’ll lose weight.

Our fitness responds the same way.

We’re up to just over 100 for our Born Survivor team for next year already.

Many don’t really believe they can do it.

They’ve told me.

But they will.

Our work is the same.

Believe in ourselves and don’t do what needs to be done and it won’t go well.

Don’t believe but do do the stuff and it’ll be good.

The doing beats the believing.


Every time.

Hands down.

Both is a nice combo, of course.

But one is way more important than the other.

And one can be done whatever.

No needing to wait for belief to come and try and engineer it within ourselves.

We can just do, whatever the situation.

And the great news?

The doing then achieving will often bring the belief.

We believe in ourselves more from having more success rather than just telling ourselves we do.

Dream it. Do it. Achieve it. Believe.

Much love,

‘One’ Jon ‘at a time worksheet’ Hall

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