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I’ve seen a couple of jokes doing the rounds recently on social media .

“Sooo… I started an OnlyFans account. Yes | know i’m gonna get some backlash, some of you will probably be talking shit but been thinking on this a while so Anywaysss, here’s the link … See more”

For those that don’t know (and I didn’t till I googled it having seen an article saying usage of it sky rocketed during the first Lockdown, honest Alex) OnlyFans is;

“an internet content subscription service. Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”.

And “is used primarily by sex workers who sell pornographic content”.

The joke here being that the ‘Click more’ bit is just text and doesn’t reveal anything.

But that you’ve obviously been trying to have a look to realise that.

Again Alex, I didn’t realise until I saw word for word the same post several times……….

The second joke was;

“There’s been a lot of debate about anti-Vaxxers on Facebook lately. I am now coming forward to stand up and say I’m firmly in the anti-Vax camp. There, I’ve said it!
I have my reasons, like many anti-Vaxxers, but it’s important that everyone approaches this sensitive topic armed with the information THEY know to be true. I know my truth and I have first hand experience that backs up my stance.
I had a Vax once and it was the noisiest shittiest vacuum cleaner ever. I will never buy one again. All these armchair experts have clearly never experienced the disappointment of having to go over the same piece of carpet again and again to pick up the same piece of fluff
I am firmly in the Henry/Charles camp backed up by my Shark, and I will not be told otherwise. 😉”

Now in both cases, the first time I saw the post I just read the first few lines and thought “Huh, times must be hard for her” or “That’s surprising, I didn’t think he’d be an anti-vaxxer”.

It wasn’t till I saw the post a few times and had a proper read that I realised.

——– No need for any replies about vaccinations, this isn’t what this is about ——–

That’s what we often do.

Just read the headline.

Or even the first few words.

And it forms our opinion going forward.

And a headline can often be misleading.

Maybe kinda accurate but doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Nowhere more so than in health, fitness and weight loss.

Here’s a few of the ‘headlines’ you might have heard over the years.

Followed by a bit more context.

1. Low intensity exercise is best for weight loss.

Kinda true in that at lower intensities a higher proportion of the energy used comes from fat stores.

But I’m sure we all agree you’d be better burning 800 calories at 50% from fat stores than 300 calories at 70% from fat stores.

———- Those numbers are made up for illustrative purposes ———–

190 more calories directly from fat and 500 more in total (which will, all else being equal, lead to 500 from fat at some point).

And its always worth remembering that exercise in general is pretty rubbish for weight loss.

The amount of effort that would go into using 800 calories is way more than would go into consuming 800 less.

2. Too much protein is bad for your kidneys

Eating more than most realistically will if you already have bad kidneys, sure.

Eating more than is probably even possible if your kidneys are ok, possibly.

Eating a reasonable amount (but more than the very low protein “diet” most people are on) when your kidneys are fine?

No problem 🙂

3. Squats are bad for the knees

If you’ve got bad knees and overdo it, maybe.

If you’ve got bad knees and are sensible about gradual progression with them, they could help.

Got good knees (and are still sensible)?

You’ll be fine.

4. You can have a “bad metabolism”

Variances in Basal Metabolic Rate (our body’s energy requirements at rest) are usually in the magnitude of +/- 80 calories a day at most when compared to someone of the same size.

Meaning, at most that we have an 80 calories a day “worse” metabolism than average and 160 lower than someone else (probably less).

And there’s no correlation between said variations and our body fat levels.

The overweight or lean person is just as likely to have the “better” or “worse” metabolism as each other.

5. Weights will make you bulky

If you’re not taking steroids and training for a few hours a day on a specific body building programme, ain’t gonna happen.

If you are, you’ll probably know about it and, yeah, those weights would be part of that equation.

6. Carbs / sugar / fat / eating late at night / skipping meals is “fattening”

If it contributes towards an overall calorie surplus, sure.

If it doesn’t, nope.

So, all those “headlines” are kinda true.

But it’s always worth reading a little further to get a bit clearer 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Fools And Horses’ Hall

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