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Another mistake that people make when setting goals (whether they be in January or elsewhere)………


Is concentrating purely on the final outcome.


The lose X amount of weight.


The get Y amount fitter.


The increase income by £Z.


And so on.


The problem with those goals in isolation?


You kinda have to fail every single day until you get there.


Every day you wake up and ask “Am I 3 stone lighter”.


And day after day after day the answer is “No”.


And that perceived failure is off putting.


It’s easy to end up dropping off at some point before you get there.


These goals are great to have as destinations.


Or markers along the way.


But the process is key…………


Process goals are the things you may do to achieve the outcome goal.


The “Exercise X amount of times per week”.


“Track food intake for three days then aim for approximately 20% reduction over a week”


“Do 3 bits of CPD training per week”.


And so on.


The stuff you can keep doing.


Building momentum.


And confidence.


Until you get to that outcome goal.


So, whatever it is you want……….


Work out what you need to do to get that.


Find that Minimum Achievable version of that (the amount that you definitely can do come hell or high water).


And just go do it.


Time after time.


Recognise your achievement of doing it.


Form that habit.


Until you get there 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘ion’ Hall and Matt ‘or’ Nicholson


P.S. Tricky middle names them – two points for the correct answer 🙂




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Jon Hall

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