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To say we at RISE in Macclesfield have (what I would like to think is) a pretty epic reputation for helping people lose weight (and generally transform their lives and bodies)………..


We don’t actually do it the “best” way. We don’t show you the quickest way to lose weight.


There’s a simple three step process that will help you lose weight the fastest;


1. Eat as little food (or calories really) as you can bear


2. Don’t do resistance exercise


3. Don’t eat much protein


The weight will absolutely fall off you if you do that.


How RISE In Macclesfield Helps You Lose Weight


But we kinda recommend the opposite.


And here’s why;


There are approximately 600 calories in a pound of muscle.


3,500 in a pound of fat.


Both figures open to debate, I know, but they won’t be too far from the mark.


So, if you manage to eat 1,000 calories a day less than you need to maintain your current weight and activity levels, that will equate to 7,000 calories deficit per week.


Which if that deficit were to come 100% from fat stores would mean you lost 2lbs of weight.


If it were to come from muscle you would’ve lost 11.6lbs.


Big difference, no?


Muscle and Fat Account for Different Amounts of Calories - Quickest Way to Lose Weight


Realistically, you’d never get 100% from one source or the other and, again, I know those numbers are up for debate – but you get the point.


The Quickest Way to Lose Weight is Not What You Think


Losing muscle is a much, much quicker way to lose weight.


Muscle is not designed to be an energy storage system, like fat (in part) is.


But, who wants to lose muscle whilst maintaining fat?


That’s not what we mean when we say we “want to lose weight” is it?


But it’s why some approaches (naming no names) get such seemingly great initial results.


One way or the other (points, different coloured days, calorie counting, elimination of certain food groups, intermittent fasting / skipping meals) they’ll get you to eat less.


They usually won’t have you doing resistance training and eating a reasonable level of protein which can serve to preserve muscle mass.


So the weight drops off quickly through a loss of muscle, possibly some retained water and, sometimes, just less food and drink in your system.


Not necessarily through fat.


Which is what we’re really after, no?


It’s why we often get people saying after two weeks “When I’ve done XYZ in the past I’ve lost more weight at this point.”


But, after 8 weeks, are miles ahead of where they were with XYZ.


So, really what we do is what we find is the best for ‘fat loss’ (check our no-pressure orientation evenings at RISE in Macclesfield if you want some of that).


Improvements to food and drink.


With a big part being challenging mindsets, habits and beliefs around that.


Rather than just giving a meal plan people can stick to for a few weeks before “falling off the wagon”.


Resistance exercise and reasonable protein levels to maintain (or, at the very least, minimise) muscle loss.


The results can still be pretty amazing.


Waaayyyyyy more so I’d say really – just maybe not always (initially, at least) in that one measure which is actually less important. Hence we don’t go with the quickest way to lose weight.


Much love,


Jon ‘Fit’ Hall and Matt ‘Cricket’ Nicholson


P.S. Two points for those middle names 🙂



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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