Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Silly question.

I’m sure we all said “Yes”.

I know I have.

Do you feel more overwhelmed now than at any point in your life?

I know 100% won’t say yes to that.

But I’m pretty confident it’ll be a fairly high amount.

If conversations with people over the last few years are anything to go by, overwhelm is it an all-time high.

Never before in history, on average, have we felt so over-faced by everything that we’ve got going on.

I get that.

But I also get, from all these conversations, that the way we approach things can often exacerbate them.

Make them even worse than they have to be.

And that, by an often surprisingly easy few tweaks, we can make many of our problems more manageable.

Not non-existent.

But an amount easier.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I have a question for you.

“What are you feeling overwhelmed by?”

From my experience, I’m fairly confident you will have answered with some variation of;


Or “All of it”

Maybe “Life”.

Whatever your reply, I’m fairly confident in the vast majority of cases, it won’t have been particularly precise.

Or even if we did start to go into some degree of detail, it will probably have been something like;

“You know – work, the kids, everything”

And a response like that isn’t setting us up to do anything about it.

Adding in a degree of precision can start to help us identify changes we could make.

I’ve yet to have a single person fill in a 15-minute log for a handful of days that hasn’t quickly identified how they could make better use their time to at least a reasonable degree.

How they could do things less frequently for less time used overall .

How they could just stop doing certain things that don’t really have any value.

How they could put some sort better system in place to do things more efficiently and effectively.

Even if we just spend 5 minutes now writing down all the time that we spend on different things in the week……..

I’m pretty confident that we’ll be a few tens of hours short of the 168 that are available.

When we get clear on everything that we need to and want to do in the week……..

And then plan it in as effectively as possible……..

It doesn’t completely remove overwhelm………

But I’m pretty confident that it will, at least, significantly reduce it.

Much love,

Jon ‘Why can we be “overwhelmed” and “underwhelmed” but not just whelmed”?’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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