If you’re somewhere between 23 and 38 you may have seen ‘Pinky and The Brain’ on TV when you were younger.


A quick Google tells me it ran from 1995 to 2001.


If you missed it, it was a cartoon that followed two mice.


A short, large headed, super intelligent one called Brain.


And a tall, small headed, somewhat less smart one called Pinky.


The plot every week was somewhat similar.


They would attempt to take over the world through some nefarious scheme that would, ultimately, fail.


At the end of the show, Pinky would ask “What will we do next week Brain?”


To which Brain would reply “The same thing we do every week Pinky. Try and take over the world!”


In retrospect I see where their problem lay.


They’d only try each plan for one week.


They’d hit a stumbling block.


And then try something completely different the next week.


Who ever took over the world in a week?


It took Britain decades to build an empire.


Bill Gates years to flood every household with one of his creations.


Steve Jobs even longer to get his into most of our pockets.


Kim Jong Un is still working on it 😉


Sticking with the plan is key.


Consistent application of the basics.


Day after day.


Week after week.


Month after month.


Year after year.


It’s like losing weight / getting in shape.


You knew that was coming, didn’t you?


People are often lured by the exciting promise of ‘something new’ (TM).


The latest diet, workout, etc.


But, after 14 years of doing this, I’ve only really found one answer.


Find something you’re reasonably happy doing (doesn’t have to be the most thrilling thing ever, but it can’t make you miserable)…………..


That actually does give you forward progress (a lot of things are, unfortunately, completely pointless)……………


And keep doing it.


Every day.


Until you die.


It might not be quite as exciting as mainlining cake, chocolate and booze.


(If you could be in shape doing that, we’d be well up for it).


But the longer you do it, the greater the other excitements in life get.


More energy to do things you enjoy.


Better sleep.


Less aches and pains.


A better sex life.


A longer, more enjoyable life in general.


Hand on heart, given the choice, which would you rather have?


The above or cake, chocolate and booze?


Years or decades of trying to have both has surely shown you that you can’t have them all?


So, if you’re already doing something effective that you enjoy, accept now that you’re doing it till you pop your clogs.


If you’re not, you might like to check out what we do – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.




Much love,


Jon ‘Mighty Mouse’ Hall and Matt ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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