Yesterday I talked about how much of our unpleasant emotions are caused by unmet expectations.

And questioned whether those expectations were setting us up for success.

If our expectations are unrealistic and / or not verbalized to, or agreed by, the relevant people……….

We’re just setting ourselves up for frustration, anger, disappointment and other emotions.

The mistake we often make is we expect “us” of other people.

We expect other people to have our same beliefs, standards and values.

And, worse than that, we expect not only “us” of them………

We expect the very best version of us………

That doesn’t always happen in reality.

We expect other people to behave as we do on our best days.

We expect other people to have the levels of organisation, timekeeping, honesty, transparency, reliability, trust, faith, belief, effort, resilience, etc……

That we don’t always display ourselves.

Maybe we do most of the time…….

But probably not all the time.

Recognising our own imperfections……….

And not expecting others to behave in the way that we feel is right……….

And that we don’t always do in reality……….

Is another way to set expectations that don’t set you up for them to be unmet……….

And for the unpleasant emotions that can create.

Much love,

Jon ‘Among us’ Hall

P.S. Recognising that no emotions aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad”, but, maybe “pleasant” and “unpleasant”…….. and that they all have their place……… and we can do things to change the balance of what we experience……….. is a powerful way to make the things we need to do to get the results we desire……… easier than we’ve found them in the past. Check if you’d like more help with that!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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