The surest diet to not keep up

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You guessed it.

I’m going for the full set.

Five blogs this week.

“The surest………”


The surest diet to not keep up.

Not grammatically correct, I know.

Ho hum.

So, what it is?

It’s one that involve too much hunger.

Whilst it is, perhaps, a useful skill to master to withstand a little hunger………

You know, a bit peckish but it’s not long till meal time and ride it out rather than reach for the biscuit barrel.

But if there’s ‘too much’ withstanding of hunger required……….

We won’t.

I know I wouldn’t.

So, what’s the answer there?

Enough volume whilst keeping calories at the right level (maintenance or deficit).

Reducing average calorie density can help.

An amount of lower calorie density food to bulk out a meal is an easy win.

Veg is great for that.

Protein is also more filling and requires more energy to be broken down.

You can still include stuff you might consider more enjoyable in there.

Nothing is fundamentally fattening.

But, maybe, a smaller portion of the more calorie dense stuff and pad it out with some less calorie dense stuff?

Calorie density is really easy to check.

It’s just the number of calories per gram.

Although calories per 100g works better for most people to give us an idea of appropriate portion size and is the number usually shown on labels.

The following ranges are in calories per 100g:

Very low = less than 60

Low = 60 to 150

Medium = 1.5 to 4

High energy density foods = more than

Remember, we can have stuff from all those ranges.

But, when you realise you can, potentially, have ten times the volume of some of the things in the first category compared to the last………..

They become much more tempting!

Much love,

Jon ‘Hardt’ Hall

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