The surest exercise to not stick with

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Lots of “sure”s this week.

Like a deodorant advert.


The surest exercise to not stick to.

Also not grammatically correct, I know.

What is it?

One you don’t enjoy.

Or, at the least, find sufficiently tolerable.

It might never be the favourite part of your week.

And that’s cool.

But it needs to be something you’re OK with.

Hate every moment and willpower will only get you so far.

“You’ll never create a life you love by doing stuff you hate”.

“There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey”.

Finding exercise sufficiently enjoyable can happen in a few ways.

Or a combination of them.

— Trying something different

— Doing it with others you enjoy spending time with

— Challenging our general thoughts and mindset about it – seeing it as a way to immediately feel better, have more energy and focus and a better mood can make it much more enjoyable as seeing it as ‘punishment for cake’

— Finding a way to measure and track progress and improvement that inspires you (personal bests, etc)

Again, it might not be quite as nice as kicking (Emma in the) back and watching you favourite TV programme with some snacks and drink (other enjoyable activities are available)…………..

—– Private joke there that I couldn’t resist ——–

But it needs to be somewhere between tolerable and enjoyable for you to do it for long enough and consistently enough to get the results you desire 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘’ Hall

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