Would you like a sure fire tip for not being happy ?

Silly question, I know.

I’m sure that no one does.

But, from my experience, a fair proportion of society are doing exactly this.

We can pretty much guarantee that we’ll never be happy when we include the following sentence in our vocabulary;

“I’ll be happy when…….”

You know;

“I’ll be happy when I finish this course”.

“I’ll be happy when I’ve met someone”.

“I’ll be happy when I’m married”.

“I’ll be happy when we’ve had kids”.

I’ll be happy when the kids have left home.

“I’ll be happy when the kids are a bit older”.

“I’ll be happy when we’ve separated”.

“I’ll be happy when I’ve got a job”.

“I’ll be happy when I’ve got a better job”.

“I’ll be happy when this project is finished”.

“I’ll be happy when things are a bit less hectic”.

And so on………

Sure, all of those are things that can affect just how happy we are

Or how easy we find it to be happy.

But, from my experience, fundamental deferment of happiness to future dates………

Is just something that just keeps rolling on.

The thing we’re delaying our happiness around now……..

Is replaced by a new thing.

Whilst it’s clearly not as simple as deciding “I’m just going to be happy”………

Remembering that constantly deferring our happiness is the surest way not to get to it……..

Is a powerful first step.

Much love,

Jon ‘and I know it’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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