Lolo Ferrari…..The women who thought she had everything when in-fact she had nothing.

You see she spent her whole life trying to be “Perfect” in her eyes…..She spent thousands on surgery trying to improve herself.

She held the world record for the worlds largest breast from 1996-1999 (don’t ask me how I knew that)


The women with the largest breast in the world….and your life

We all need to learn a lesson from Lolo who sadly committed suicide in 2000.

She did this because she was depressed….depressed with the pressure society put on her to be a certain person.

Don’t we all feel like that?

I mean I get this a lot “Matt you’re a PT you can’t have beer or do anything bad EVER” Sorry….are you my mother?

Lets look at glossy mags, now we all know those photos are photo-shopped. But we still look at them and think “why can’t I look like that”

To which you would if you had a 10k budget with photo-shop and a pro-photographer.


Lolo was deep down depressed as there was no end to her goal….She just kept going and going but this was making her more and more depressed and ended up the way she did.

It’s a sad story really but we all go through something similar just not on that scale.


Everyone needs a goal of what they hell are you trying to achieve?

I had a goal when I did Fat Matt to Fit Matt….and I did achieved it….Now I have set a new goal and I WILL achieve that.

I set all my clients goals and we DO achieve them and when we do its feels frikkin ace! (Yes I said frikkin)


A LOT of people are depressed today and they don’t see it, But simply setting a goal it can be anything by the way….Lose weight, get a new job, stop smoking etc. You will feel better and the depression will go away when you achieve it.

Think about a goal that you want to achieve, it might be small it might be big.

But everyday get closer and closer to it, every single decision you make needs to have this goal in-mind.


Hell ye…You are going to achieve that goal….and when you do email me and let me know how it felt.

This was quite a deep and thoughtful blog so I will leave you with something that left me howling with laughter today.
Much Love

Matthew “I know way to much about women with large breast” Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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