I was in the bank the other day.

I’ll be honest, it was today at point of starting to write this (whilst youngest son is in Rugby Tots).

I had to pay a cheque in.

A cheque!

First cheque in many a year that I’ve received.

HMRC improperly assigned a tax payment.

And, rather than transferring it to the right place or back to me, they sent a cheque.

Reminded me of Tom’s mail order scam in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 😉

Anyway, they’ve removed the counter at the bank.

And there’s a row of different machines for paying in cheques, withdrawals, etc.

I had to figure it out but it definitely saved time on the old queueing up and sorting it with a teller approach.

Next time (in another few years, hopefully), I’ll be in and out in two minutes.

A great change, from my perspective at least.

The gentleman next to me didn’t agree.

Yet another example to him of how “the world’s going downhill”.

A narrative that’s heard a lot.

Especially on social media.

“Country’s going to pot”.

“Everything’s just getting worse”.

It’s easy to believe that’s the case.

Especially when we compare the present to a rose tinted spectacle version of our past.

But, in many situations, the facts suggest otherwise.

Despite the narrative that “the gap between rich and poor keeps growing”………

The actual data shows, on average, a more even spread of money than at any point in history.

Doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done or we should settle for things how they are.

But the phrase “the gap between rich and poor keeps growing” isn’t true.

Over the last few years it’s been tempting to think that “no one’s following the recommendations anyway”.

When a more accurate description would probably be “most people are following them most of the time”.

Or that “nothing ever goes right for me” when 90%+ of our day goes exactly as planned and gets immediately forgotten and written off as ‘expected behaviour’.

Or “nobody listens to me” when most people listen to us most of the time.

Or that “there’s something wrong with me” or “I’m broken” because we can’t do every single thing we think we theoretically could.

Accepted narratives don’t always hold up to the facts.

Knowing the facts of your situation is empowering.

Recognised success builds confidence and momentum(something our members often report improves when they’re with us –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply or www.myrise.co.uk/join.

Things not quite going to plan can be an opportunity for course correction and / or re-evaluation of the plan.

It’s worth remembering that………

Data always beats drama.

Much love,

Jon ‘They say ‘upbank’ and ‘downbank’ in Stoke which always sounds like they’ve just used the wrong word’ Hall

P.S. Still at Rugby Tots. Did this bad boy in one go!


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